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Disclaimer: The worlds of the various Mega Man franchises (Mega Man, Mega Man X, Megaman Zero, Megaman ZX, Megaman Battle Network/Megaman NT Warrior, Megaman Legends, and the Mega Man cartoon series) all belong to Capcom at the end of the day. This board and the member journals with the exclusion of the GM journals are representative of fictional characters only, and should be taken with a hefty grain of salt, kthx.

Welcome to Reality Vanish: The OOC Board!

If you are staring at this userinfo page in confusion, please refer yourself to the main RV userinfo page for general information about the rules and setting to this awesome multiversal Megaman RPG.

Confusion solved? Great!

This is the OOC board for Reality Vanish. Due to player demand the GM staff originally wasn't going to make one, but as the game grew and people's schedules went crazy, the staff kind of had to.

This board is for posting all your OOC concerns and questions that don't involve invoking GM Staff Smackdowns on other people. (Save those for e-mail, kthx.) Setting stuff, plot coordination, notes about hiatuses, contact information, news about what crack Inafune was smoking last.. just about anything that you think will be of interest to the other players of the game, since not everyone can manage to get onto the floating AIM crackchat every night, or get onto it when most of the rest of the community is online.

The Rules!

To make things easier, here are the rules for the OOC Board:
  1. This board is strictly for OOC stuff. Don't let any genuine character posts sneak on here. OOC/IC crack threads (a la dear_mun) are fine as long as they don't eat the entire board.
  2. This board is not for complaints. If you have a beef with something, e-mail the GM staff. Their contact info is right on this page in case you forgot. This includes beefs with other players or the GMs themselves. Nobody needs to be privy to everyone's dirty laundry.
  3. All RV players must join this community.. somehow. The OOC board is the only RV board with unmoderated membership. Players can join with their personal journals or with one/all of their RV character journals (but please only RV characters-- we'd like to know who you are). Prospective players who want to know more about how the game works may also join, but we will be making liberal use of the ban_set command if non-players get obnoxious and we will close the community if it comes down to it.
  4. Please post information about impending plot stuff here if you want to involve more than one other person. Not everyone has schedules to permit crackchat every night, and leaving people clueless is no fun. Post here even if the involvement of the third player would be tangental-- people like advance warning.
  5. Don't e-mail the GM staff about GM posts if you haven't checked the GM post tag here. The staff will be making use of the OOC board to make their GM posts from now on, and we get kinda cranky if you don't bother checking around here first for them. Especially since we tag them and stuff.
  6. No voting more than once on poll posts. Since at least some of the staff has paid account status, polls will occasionally appear like magic. No subverting the polling process or we'll have to hunt you down and break your kneecaps.
  7. Have a sense of humor. As you can see, OOC should be a fun experience for all involved. Try not to fall into any sarchasms.

Big Shiny Resource Links!

Your GM Staff

anibunny = anibunny @ live.com
taichara = taichara @ hotmail.com or khuriya @ gmail.com