ProtoMan.EXE (balancer_navi) wrote in vanish_ooc,

Heidi-ho, neighborinos

Don't run screaming, I don't bite. Much.

So, aside from this being an intro because at least half of you have played with me before I wanted to ask a question I could not find an answer to before. It does indeed relate to this pup.

What does the main network around RV look like? Is it large? Would it be easy for an unfamiliar Navi to get lost in? What sort of model are we going on here, games or anime (manga is doubtful, but I ought to toss the possibility out there)? Has it even been established yet? If not, I propose we ought to, if there even ARE any other Navis kicking around here...

I thought it'd probably be more like the anime internet, possibly with parts here and there for the other two, but I could be wrong. Anyone else?
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