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"Origins" plot summary

For the benefit of people who are only loosely following the Reality Vanish "Origins" plot who might have missed a scene or for those who want to refresh their memories, this post is a summary of what has happened so far. Normally, I would keep such summaries in a character journal somewhere, but as this is a plot dealing with the entirety of Reality Vanish and its origins, I figured it was appropriate to post the summary here.

The story begins in the Ruins, where a bubble of frozen time popped. The things within that bubble, things that had been frozen since the event that wrecked the world Reality Vanish had once been, were suddenly freed.

Not too long after that, an X appeared on the streets of Reality Vanish, somewhat disoriented and amazed at what he was seeing. He encountered Harpuia, and conversation revealed that he had just come through a catastrophe of some kind and was intent on finding his mentor, one Dr. Alan William. X's origin relative to the typical timeline seemed to be before any reploids were made from his designs, though he mentioned that Dr. William had intentions to do just that.

Meanwhile, at about the same time, someone gave a group of Mavericks a bunch of energy leeches. The Mavericks, of course, were only too happy to unleash them on a couple of hapless Hunters. These two, an X and a Zero, barely escaped that encounter alive.

The next development came when an old man, Dr. Alan William himself, came across Harpuia on the beach. To say that the two didn't exactly hit it off might be something of an understatement. However, this did not stop Harpuia from helping to reunite Dr. William with X, nor could Dr. William resist the offer of meeting Harpuia's father once he and his X have found a place to stay.

And so the story continues...

Questions about what's going on? Ask here! Want to involve your character but not sure how? Drop me a line and we'll see what we can work out. Ideas or plots you'd like to incorporate? I'm flexible!

I'll continue to post these summaries every so often to keep people abreast of the situation.
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