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So, aside from this being an intro because at least half of you have played with me before I wanted to ask a question I could not find an answer to before. It does indeed relate to this pup.

What does the main network around RV look like? Is it large? Would it be easy for an unfamiliar Navi to get lost in? What sort of model are we going on here, games or anime (manga is doubtful, but I ought to toss the possibility out there)? Has it even been established yet? If not, I propose we ought to, if there even ARE any other Navis kicking around here...

I thought it'd probably be more like the anime internet, possibly with parts here and there for the other two, but I could be wrong. Anyone else?

[MOD] Change is in the air ... RV as open community

After some navel-gazing and discussion on the part of Ani and I, we've decided to make a considerable change to how RV works.

Don't worry, folks, you might actually find this useful ;3

While the rules-as-posted are currently being pared down and rewitten, the basic gist of the change can be stated as such:

Reality Vanish is now an open-membership Rockman / Mega Man roleplaying community.
Put another way, we are no longer required characters to have applications -- though profile information is still a good idea!

The communities will remain moderated to keep things running smoothly, however, and make certain RV-the-city doesn't come crashing down around the character's collective ears ;3

Any questions or concerns, toss them my way or Ani's way; until the end of the month, I'm the only one of us with reliable net access unless you're sending an email --
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Stepping Down

Hey guys, couple things to announce here. First of all, I'm going to be withdrawing from Reality Vanish. I've been trying to tie up loose ends with various characters and plots, of course, since I don't want to leave anyone in the lurch. There's still at least a couple more things for me to do, mostly solo stuff, but if anyone has any last threads they need or want to play out, let me know.

The second thing to announce is directly related to the first. Since I'll be leaving the game, that also means I'm stepping down as moderator. Taking my place are Ani and Tai. Any future character applications or other game related issues can be taken to them.

It's been a lot of fun and you guys have been great. I've considered myself really lucky to game with all of you. Thanks for all the good times.
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Right now I'm dead in the water. My laptop's AC has died, and I am currently typing this up on my Wii. I'll be offline until I get a new AC adapter. I have no clue how well Meebo works on a Wii, and I don't have an usb keyboard for it anyway.
EDIT: Almost back, I just got a new laptop. My old one was on its last legs. I'm still getting the new one setup though.

"Origins" plot summary

For the benefit of people who are only loosely following the Reality Vanish "Origins" plot who might have missed a scene or for those who want to refresh their memories, this post is a summary of what has happened so far. Normally, I would keep such summaries in a character journal somewhere, but as this is a plot dealing with the entirety of Reality Vanish and its origins, I figured it was appropriate to post the summary here.

Collapse )

Questions about what's going on? Ask here! Want to involve your character but not sure how? Drop me a line and we'll see what we can work out. Ideas or plots you'd like to incorporate? I'm flexible!

I'll continue to post these summaries every so often to keep people abreast of the situation.
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Rule modification

There has been a slight change to rule number 12.

Players will not kill off any characters without giving the GM staff and any players directly involved in said killing plot a heads up. Basically, if, say, Bob is fated to die in-game at the hands of Mecha-Bob, the GM staff need to know (in case it affects large-scale plots), Bob!mun must give consent (it's Bob!mun's character!), and Mecha-Bob!mun must give consent (Mecha-Bob!mun might not have intended for the attack to actually be fatal!). The mun of Bob's girlfriend Jill, however, does not have to give consent... though it's generally considered polite to inform the muns of characters in close relationships like that if only so said muns have a chance to plan appropriate histrionics.

Originally, rule 12 stated that the GM staff had to give consent before a player could kill off their character. I find this unnecessarily controlling. Besides, if someone is dead set on killing off their character, I can't exactly stop them. It is, however, only fair to let people know ahead of time. The only place where consent comes in is if someone else's character is doing the killing. It is absolutely imperative that they give permission, because otherwise you're godmoding.

Any questions?
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HI WORLD. It's very un-useful for my internet at my parent's house to get all cut off like that. I managed to get one post iin on my lunchbreak at work... on Saturday. ._.

So, um, back now, replying to threads is a go, so sorry for the wait. ^^;
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Hey everyone.

I'm removing Geo from the comm. I'm having a harder and harder time keeping up her versus other comms. I'm gonna try and keep Wily though.

So, like...

friend remove brothers_band