taichara (taichara) wrote in vanish_ooc,

[MOD] Change is in the air ... RV as open community

After some navel-gazing and discussion on the part of Ani and I, we've decided to make a considerable change to how RV works.

Don't worry, folks, you might actually find this useful ;3

While the rules-as-posted are currently being pared down and rewitten, the basic gist of the change can be stated as such:

Reality Vanish is now an open-membership Rockman / Mega Man roleplaying community.
Put another way, we are no longer required characters to have applications -- though profile information is still a good idea!

The communities will remain moderated to keep things running smoothly, however, and make certain RV-the-city doesn't come crashing down around the character's collective ears ;3

Any questions or concerns, toss them my way or Ani's way; until the end of the month, I'm the only one of us with reliable net access unless you're sending an email --
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