Nivi (lithic_rune) wrote in vanish_ooc,

Rule modification

There has been a slight change to rule number 12.

Players will not kill off any characters without giving the GM staff and any players directly involved in said killing plot a heads up. Basically, if, say, Bob is fated to die in-game at the hands of Mecha-Bob, the GM staff need to know (in case it affects large-scale plots), Bob!mun must give consent (it's Bob!mun's character!), and Mecha-Bob!mun must give consent (Mecha-Bob!mun might not have intended for the attack to actually be fatal!). The mun of Bob's girlfriend Jill, however, does not have to give consent... though it's generally considered polite to inform the muns of characters in close relationships like that if only so said muns have a chance to plan appropriate histrionics.

Originally, rule 12 stated that the GM staff had to give consent before a player could kill off their character. I find this unnecessarily controlling. Besides, if someone is dead set on killing off their character, I can't exactly stop them. It is, however, only fair to let people know ahead of time. The only place where consent comes in is if someone else's character is doing the killing. It is absolutely imperative that they give permission, because otherwise you're godmoding.

Any questions?
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